The Lillagunga story

Passion at heart

A few summers back I was looking for a swing for my two sons. I wanted a wooden swing like the one we had, and placed on the same branch of that beautiful old oak tree we used to swing on thirty years earlier. I have a lot of wonderful memories from those joyful moments swinging, talking and laughing with my sister and cousins.

Quite soon my plan turned out more challenging than I had expected. There were not many alternatives available, none were made of wood, and frankly speaking they all looked terrible. I chose the best I found – a blue plastic swing, with thin white ropes. It was slippery and far from my expectations, but I thought it would probably "do the job".

Three weeks after the swing chair had been in active use, it suddenly broke. Probably due to fragile material a crack had been created in the swing. My sons where obviously disappointed, and so was I, but I had no choice but to remove it as it had become a safety risk.

After the chair was removed, I was left with the two white ropes, each forming a loop. I looked at the loops and happened to see a wooden plank beside the oak tree. Instantly my creative part of my brain got an impulse to figure how the plank could be placed onto the loops. The first step in the creation of Lillagunga was taken.

A humble mission

Delivering the best

You probably didn’t know, but the swing has been here for thousands of years. Pictures and sculptures dated back to 1500 B.C. show people using simple swings just like we do today.

It is quite fascinating when you think of it: which other piece of furniture or toy has been around for so long, is still so popular, but yet so inchoate?

Our mission is very simple: we want to create the best wooden swings in the world, and bring an experience of joy to every home, porch, garden, office, lounge and bar.

We believe Lillagunga is an extraordinary product, a beautiful furniture and a irresistibly smart toy.

Finnish wood

Local design, local product

Lillagunga comes in two superior wood materials: Finnish birch and oak. Each wood part is going through detailed manual inspection before and after production to ensure the highest quality. We value sustainability, local craftsmanship and quality, and we like to think that is visible in our products.

White birch

The handpicked Finnish birch comes double-coated in a beautiful snow-white color. The paint and the method of coating makes it strong and durable, and thus it suits perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use.

Natural oak

Oak is one of the strongest and well-known wood materials used for a variety of purposes. We think that the beauty in oak is best reflected through its natural color, and therefore we have carefully finished it with and oil-based transparent double coating. It is extremely durable, and it suits equally well for both outdoor and indoor use.

Marine grade ropes

Find your favourite colour

The ropes we are using for Lillagunga have been selected with care. The rope is based on braided high-quality (Class A) polypropylene, and is available in totally 10 beautiful colors. It is light, water-resistant and extremely durable, and it suits perfectly with our fine wood materials.

Product features

lillagunga is designed with great detail and care. A unique product that both visually and functionally is close to perfection.

  • Extremely strong and durable swivels made of non-corrosive steel (AISI 316). Holds the swing securely on the hooks, and prevents the rope from getting twisted.
  • A pair of wooden rope locks with a patented mechansim for adjusting the height of the swing. Simple and secure.
  • Long-lasting 10 mm polypropene (class-A) ropes available in 10 beautiful colors.
  • Another pair of wooden rope locks for creating loops, and a patentened mechanism for attaching the loops on the swing seat. Fast and easy to remove, very stable and secure.
  • Frictionless connection between wood and rope prevents parts from being wore out.
  • Strong 20 mm thick swing seat in white-painted birch or oil-treated oak.

Technical specifications

  • Width 460 mm
  • Height 180 mm
  • Thickness 20 mm
  • Max weight 60 kg
  • Standard rope length 3.2 m (10 mm)
  • Weight of Birch seat 1050 g
  • Weight of Oak seat 1150 g
  • Weight of swing set 1600 g
  • Certificates ISO 7817812 CE
  • Patent U78237823782
  • Manuals ENG FIN SWE
  • Use our rope calculator to determine the right rope length.


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